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1:1 mentoring programme


“I’ve already done so much and there’s still so much to do…..” Do you often feel overwhelmed when the results you achieve are not satisfying enough, despite the amount of work you put into achieving them? You read books, watch webinars, take part in different courses on self-development, transforming emotions or spiritual development, looking for the answer to the questions: “What else can I do?,” “What else do I need to experience what I truly want?” repeated again and again by your exhausted mind. Being honest, you are more aware and you did change some patterns but you are still not in the place where you want to be. 

It may be your health that does not allow you to enjoy life – on a mental level you even know (or not) what the reason for your ailment is but the pain is still there or keeps coming back making you frustrated, helpless and depressed. 

Or your problem may refer to your business and finances – so many actions taken but unimpressive results.

Or your relationships are not satisfying – there’s a lack of them or they are the source of your self-blame, sadness or anger.

Or maybe you just feel frozen with no possibility of movement because there are too many options, too many directions and too much to heal, so you simply do nothing or try doing a bit here and there but the results are not promising. 

I know what it is like. During my path of healing and transformation I used to be frustrated many times, when the list of issues to heal seemed to be a never-ending story and new techniques or methods brought a relief, but not a lasting change. 

Undergoing my own deep transformational processes and working with clients for more than ten years, first as an acupuncturist and later as a MAT and THL practitioner, I noticed that the process of change is an exceptional and unique issue. 

There are themes and patterns that can be covered in one session but there are also those, which need much more time and attention. 

The main reason why we cannot create the change we want are:

  • the lack of 100% standing for change: sometimes what we think we want is not the same as what we, actually, want or we do not stand for change because we do not want to accept the consequence of it. 
  • focusing on results, not reasons: patterns that we observe in our lives are the results of subconscious concepts, which influence our lives. The change of a pattern usually does not change the concept, which remains and shifts to the other areas of life.
  • deeply hidden unconscious benefits: although on conscious level it is absurd to have benefits from uncomfortable situations, on subconscious level it is one of the most powerful mechanisms blocking change. 
  • lack of action: sometimes we do not take inspired actions because we are overwhelmed with possibilities or we lack a clear direction.

Do you know which mechanism is active in you? Or maybe you have the impression that again you are standing in front of an iceberg? To tell you the truth, change can be easier than you think.

Jump into a spiritual journey with me and become a conscious creator of your reality!

The online process, I’m inviting you to, lasts for about a month. It consists of 4 meetings once a week adjusted to your preferred hours, along with 3 weeks of self-work using an online form. 

The process is divided into three parts:

“Notice” – during the first week you will find out what patterns are blocking your change and how they reflect in your everyday life. Moreover, you will see what price you are paying for allowing these patterns to rule your life. 

“Heal” – during the second week you will heal and transform blockages and deactivate sabotaging mechanisms.

“Act” – finally, you will take action you feel comfortable with which will enable you to implement the change you want to experience in your life. 

The process addresses all above-mentioned blocking mechanisms and it will not allow you to run away, or ignore the facts you discover. It does not mean that it will force you towards something you are not ready for, or you would not like to do. 

Decision regarding if and where you want to go is always yours. However, this time your decision will be conscious and not based on your subconscious unhealthy patterns or beliefs.  

Thanks to the process, you will:

  • gain clarity about the origin of your problem,
  • get your power back,
  • feel ease and confidence in your actions

Don’t allow overwhelm and frustration to block your change. Become a conscious creator today.