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1:1 sessions


Have you lost your passion for life? Do your ailments or your life circumstances not allow you to enjoy life? Is struggle the best word to describe your current reality?

No matter what discomfort you experience in your life: whether it is physical pain, relationship or financial problems, or lack of satisfaction in general, they are all your Soul’s ideas on how to disconnect from the Source.

Disconnection and dissociation are the most powerful mechanisms that we use in order to reject uncomfortable situations, ignore difficult feelings and pretend not to notice the parts of ourselves which we do not like or agree with. 

This way we create illusions that reality is different than it actually is, by ignoring the truth that is difficult to bear. Living by illusion is never satisfactory (although it may seem so) and the ignored parts will yell for attention causing experiences that on a conscious level you wish you never had. 

These illusions and ignored parts trap you in a vicious circle, where you are only able to recreate the same reality again and again. 

However, by free will you create your reality and by free will you transform it.

I invite you to jump into a spiritual trip with me and become a conscious creator of your reality!


During a session, you will:

  • track and face the illusions which determine your daily experiences
  • go beyond karmic entanglement
  • embrace the wholeness of who you are 
  • get your power back


Life is happening here and now and it has much more to offer than the unsatisfactory patterns you are experiencing right now.

Claim your power, rekindle your passion for life and invite satisfaction, pleasure and ease to your experience.



Don’t waste your time hoping for a change tomorrow, book a session today and experience a new tomorrow.