Rodna mountains and new balance sneakers story

I am not a professional hiker but I love hiking in the mountains. For me it’s not so important to climb peaks but just walking and enjoying the view is enough.

When you hike, good shoes are a must – that’s my belief. I can’t say why it used to make me so emotional (read: angry) when I met people on the trail without proper shoes. I used to express how inconsiderate it is, usually to myself or my friends. 

This summer I went to the Rodna mountains with my family. We arrived in Borsa, ready to climb Pietrosul – the highest peak. So imagine my confusion when I opened the trunk and I realized I hadn’t packed my hiking shoes. What a shame!


Having looked at my lilac sneakers, I realized these were the only shoes I had apart from sandals for the whole stay in Romania. However, letting go hiking was not an option. I declared I was ready to go, anyway.

When we arrived at Lake lezer, the weather was bound to change so we decided to go back. On our way down, it started raining heavily. Although I soaked to the bone and felt as if I had a pond in my shoes, I managed to get back safely to the car. 

I’m telling you this story to illustrate a simple pattern. If you have strong emotions about something or you get emotional about circumstances easily, there’s definitely a pattern or belief underneath and sooner or later, you are going to create the circumstances to resolve it. 

I immediately knew what was going on and that, actually,  made me laugh. I said to myself: “Well, dear, you are going to experience the other side now and that is ok. You may even have to say goodbye to your new sneakers after this trip but that’s ok too.” No resistance to what was going to come I created.


However, what would have happened if I hadn’t gone through it consciously? Nobody knows for sure but if my mind had gone into a proving mode because my belief “Hiking in improper shoes is dangerous” would have taken over, my mind could have created circumstances in which I would, for example, have sprained my ankle. Then I could declare to the whole world: “You see, my anger was correct, I was right.” 

All in all, it is a happy ending story. No accidents or other bad experiences happened and my sneakers survived the trip so I am still enjoying wearing them. Although I prefer wearing proper shoes while hiking I stopped getting emotional about it, which I checked during the next trip to Tatra mountains. 

Telling my story, I wanted to encourage you to have a conscious look at emotional patterns you are creating on an everyday basis. They have much greater built up of energy then the one I described, so resolving can often come with a bump. 

Don’t you know what hides behind your emotional strain? Do you want to avoid a bump?

Reach out and we will resolve it before it resolves itself and we will make it a happy ending story.