Karma is our playground

Did you like a seesaw when you were a child? I used to but now it’s at the end of my list of choices when I’m on the playground with my kids. I love swings and slides but the seesaw makes me resistant and I can’t stand it for more than a couple of minutes. Why? Because it’s so boring and predictable. You are either up or you are down. Up or down – for me, no fun at all. Nothing more can happen. No other movements are possible.  

That’s how karma works. It’s a limited system with defined possibilities. In karmic patterns you can experience either this or the opposite. For example, if you are a victim in a relationship, you are a perpetrator in other areas of life or in the same relationship but in different situations. It’s like on a seesaw: sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Someone can hold you up for a  longer period of time but, eventually, you end up down anyway.

However, on a seesaw the roles are quite clear. You know when you are up and you know when you are down but in everyday life it’s not so obvious. Usually, you don’t realize there’s a seesaw play going on.  You tend to believe you are the victim in your life and all odds are against you. Denying that you are also a perpetrator is the illusion that keeps the play in place. Being involved in karmic patterns requires the other side – that’s a rule. A perpetrator who makes you a victim just mirrors the part of yourself which you ignore and do not want to acknowledge. 

Acknowledging that there is the other side and that you are sitting on a karmic seesaw will save you many problems that can appear when you pretend that reality is different than it actually is. It doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. It’s even worth consciously playing for a while to allow yourself to experience a different perspective. But, believe me, nobody usually wants to consciously stay with a karmic pattern. 

Karmic patterns are not obligatory. You can go beyond them. Once you realize that you are sitting on a seesaw and how uncomfortable and restricted it is, you will be able to notice that the playground is much bigger and there are many more options to choose from. You can change for a slide but it’s another karmic game with different rules. It can be fun for some time but it’s going to be as restrictive as the previous one. 

The option that gives you the greatest perspective is to stop playing at all. You can consciously get on the ground and walk away from the playground to embrace the unknown. This step usually evokes fear because it involves losing your current identity and totally surrendering to the Source energy. 

Ponder upon it for a while. When you put aside your fear, what do you truly feel when you are considering this option? What comes to your mind? Are you able to allow yourself to take this step?